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Cajun Navy ready to lend a hand to Southeast Texas

The Cajun Navy is ready to help with rescue efforts after Hurricane Laura made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana, overnight.

BEAUMONT, Texas — It's a name you might have heard of before when the rain starts to pour and tropical storm winds whip through Southeast Texas and the rain pours and floodwaters start rising. But what exactly is the Cajun Navy?

The Cajun Navy is a group of volunteers that jump into action to lend a hand when natural disasters strike. 

The volunteer crews use their own equipment to help with relief efforts during emergencies. 

Their mission? To save lives. 

Cajun Navy Relief has helped with many natural disasters. The informal volunteer groups formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and reactivated in the aftermaths of the 2016 Louisiana floods. 

In 2017, they jumped back into action to help during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Then in 2018, they were there to lend a hand during the Hidalgo County Flood, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

Last year, volunteer teams were there to help with recovery efforts after Tropical Storm Imelda. They also helped with clearing tornado debris in Vicksburg and Hamilton, Mississippi.   

Now, they're here to help in the wake of Hurricane Laura. 

The Cajun Navy has an important message for anyone in Hurricane Laura's path who needs to be rescued: Please call 911 first. 

If emergency personnel are not able to respond, then fill out a ticket request for the Cajun Navy. They will also be using the Zello app to communicate with people who need help. 

You can find out how you can help on the Cajun Navy Relief website.

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