It's not a rare sight to see air travelers making a run for their connecting flight after a delay. But soon, some of those flights may wait up.

If you're a frequent flyer, chances are you know just how unpredictable flights can be. 

"I was almost 15 hours delayed sitting in an airport in another country," said Joann Chapman, a United Airlines Passenger.

It's called 'ConnectionSaver', a technology that can figure out which flights can wait up for delayed passengers who need that extra time.

"Very, very frustrating running through the airport trying to get to flight and the doors are closed when I've been told they might wait for me. Or it's absolutely too late," said Chapman.

United Airlines said they'll wait six to ten minutes at most so the time won't seriously inconvenience passengers that are already boarded.

"I know it might hold other people up, but I think there's a lot of people it could help. Because a lot of the time people are connecting to the same flight and everyone misses it and everyone's mad," said Chapman.

Starting this fall, United Airlines passengers may not have to worry about getting some serious cardio in order to catch their connecting flight.