MIDLAND, Texas — With Independence Day just around the corner, many travelers are looking forward to a memorable vacation to celebrate America's birthday. 

In the previous years, American travelers have embraced the beauty of travel with a hesitant worry of gas prices and backed up traffic taking over their thoughts. However, the worry of being one of many travelers full of travel concerns have taken a backseat for many.

More than ever recorded before, according to AAA, nearly 49 million people are planning their much-needed trips for this Independence Day. The rise of travel plans also comes with an additional 1.9 million people taking their love of travel on the road. 

The falling prices of gas to an average $2.66 per gallon continues to motivate travelers everywhere on taking their dream trip. With gas prices being 19 cents less than in previous years, the prices are expected to continue to fall during the summertime. 

However, even though taking that much needed vacation may be something that glories the minds and hearts of travelers everywhere, it has been recorded that July 3 will be the worst day to be on the roads. Many delays can put travel on hold by as much as four times a normal commute. 

Along with people being adorned by the need of travel, AAA expects to rescue nearly 367,000 motorists on the roadside this Independence Day. Dead batteries, lockouts and blown tires will be a few of the leading reasons why many motorists will need to be rescued. 

Fortunately, there is a way to fix the unpredictable car issues. Having a planned maintenance check at a trusted repair facility before taking a road trip, will guarantee a worry free trip.