WEST TEXAS, TX (KWES) - TxDOT is warning drivers to stay safe on the icy and slick roads Wednesday.

Some roads have have been pretreated with a brine/s

altwater mixture. These roads include major roads through Midland and Odessa such as the interstates, Highway 191, Business I-20 and other key roads.

To stay safe during the icy weather, TxDOT has released these tips:

1. Slow down.

2. Don’t accelerate or try to brake quickly.

3. Don’t use cruise control because if your ties lose traction, your engine will rev to get back to speed. When you regain traction, you can lose control.

4. If you slide, always steer where you want to go. Do not accelerate and do not slam on your brakes.

5. Leave extra room between you and other vehicles to give you room to stop on ice.

6. Avoid driving if you can, especially if you are not comfortable driving in bad weather.

7. Make sure your windows are free of ice and that you have 100% visibility.

8. If you have bad tires or bad brakes, please get a ride from a friend.

9. Take a blanket and drinking water with you in case you get stuck somewhere.

Additionally, if you see any TxDOT trucks working you should give them around 200 yards to work.

Remember, speed limit signs are for optimal conditions, not icy weather.