AUSTIN, Texas — According to a new study, Texas has it pretty good when it comes to driving.

WalletHub ranked Texas the fourth most driver-friendly state in the U.S., factoring in gas prices, road quality and rush-hour traffic congestion.

Texas ranked highly in terms of gas prices, at the fifth lowest in the country on average, according to the study.

It’s also relatively easy to get your car fixed in Texas, which comes sixth in number of car repair shops per capita and 22nd when it comes to cost to repair your vehicle.

Texas was in the top five states with the fewest days of precipitation, meaning Texans can keep their cars clean and shiny.

But on the negative side, Texas ranked 28th in traffic fatalities and 30th for rush-hour traffic.

The best state for drivers overall was Iowa, with Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas and Nebraska rounding out the top five. Hawaii was ranked the worst state for drivers.

The full study can be found on the WalletHub website.


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