MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — It's a road construction Midland county has talked about for years, but now, it's finally underway.

"We are starting a complete a re-pavement and reconstruction of Cotton Flat Road. It's going to be a 4.5-million-dollar investment, three and a-half miles," said Commissioner Luis Sanchez.

"We're charged by the state to create and maintain the road systems in the county. But through our recent history in the oil industry, it's being deteriorated at a rapid rate," said Judge Terry Johnson.

It's a road that hasn't been improved for decades.

"As you know this area is one of the oldest parts in Midland County, these roads were built decades ago. I was trying to go back and look to see if it was built in the 80s or 70s, but it's way far past that. I don't even have that information because it's been so long," said Sanchez.

But Commissioner Sanchez says it's better late than never.

"It's going to be a stronger road, it's going to be about 11 inches of base and three inches of asphalt. So it's going to be very sturdy for the traffic that we have going on here in Midland County," said Sanchez.

Sanchez says the ultimate goal is to reduce traffic by widening the roads from 25 to 32 feet and of course see less potholes.

"This road is going to be going down to one lane in certain areas. So look out for a pilot car that will be guiding you up and down this road," said Sanchez.

And if you're one who regularly travels down Cotton Flat, here's some alternate routes Sanchez says may help your experience.

"So if people are going down Cotton Flat we're going to ask people to see the side streets like WCR 120, 130 and some of the other side streets as they start moving north. The construction is starting south at 150 and moving north," said Sanchez.

Sanchez and Judge Johnson say construction will take four to six months to complete, so prepare for alternate routes until December or February.

"That's just what's going to have to happen, it's going to be inconvenient for awhile but a year two year three years down it's going to be so well worth it. Midland's going to be proud of their road system," said Johnson.

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