MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - For anyone who has driven along County Road 1140 in the last few weeks, you may have seen a woman armed with a sign and a radar gun telling drivers to slow down.

That woman goes by Bernadette, and she’s a long time Midland resident and grandmother who has spent the last few weeks dead set on raising awareness to those driving through her neighborhood.

“Cars are going so fast that if a child darted out in front of them they wouldn’t have time to be able to stop,” said Bernadette.

County Road 1140 is a connector between Loop 250 and Highway 80, and it’s a street neighbors in the area say has become a hot spot for speeding in the last two years courtesy of the oil boom.

“Its so bad that when we’re in our home that we can hear and it sounds like a race track,” said Bernadette.

Bernadette isn’t alone in her sentiment, several of her neighbors also have signs mounted in their yard, and people who work off County Road 1140 like Cameron Davis have also reached out to support her cause.

“I have no understanding of why people speed down this road so fast, it’s unbelievable,” said Davis.

So for the last couple of weeks, several times a day, Bernadette has been using her signs to take a stand.

“I know there are some people that look at me as the enemy, because I’m telling them they have to go a certain speed,” said Bernadette.

Others believe she is doing great work for her community.

“Honestly I think it’s what our community needs, it’s a thing that draws our community together, and builds understanding of what we’re supposed to be doing as a community to protect our greatest asset which is our children,” said Davis.

Bernadette says she has also reached out to the Midland County Sheriff’s Office for help with the issue. and to the county’s road administrator in hopes of getting two digital speed signs for the road.

“I feel for them because they are short-handed so we are working together to keep it safe, and when they do have time they are out here on the road patrolling,” said Bernadette.

For the time being, Bernadette is set on doing whatever she has to to make her community a safer place for her grandchildren.

“If I can get 90 percent of the traffic to slow down and respect our neighborhood and the speed limit, I’ll be okay,” said Bernadette.