By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO COUNTY - If a child gets lost or goes missing in Presidio County, parents can now have vital information about their child at their fingertips.

They can get 'kidprint' ID cards.

Presidio County is the latest to jump on board with a new 'kidprint' ID card system. This will give parents and guardians peace of mind, knowing their child's information is right at their fingertips.

"It will be a quicker response for law enforcement. The parents will have them on-hand to give to law enforcement instead of jiggling or struggling for ID's, they'll have them with them," said Sheriff of Presidio County, Danny Dominguez.

The cards contain all the details needed by the AMBER Alert system in case of an emergency. They also have a recent picture and the child's fingerprint on the back.

"When people go on vacations, it's good to take it with them. Parents need to keep these in possession, that way in case something happens - for ID purposes - they'll have them," said Dominguez.

The cards are the same size as a credit card, perfect to put in your wallet. County employees can also obtain a card, which will be in a different format.

Winkler, Reeves, Pecos, Reagan, Sterling, Yoakum and Midland counties have similar systems. Other West Texas counties provide cards to parents through their schools or local events.

Presidio County leaders praise the new addition.

"I think it's a great idea. I think the sheriff's doing a great job being proactive with the community and I'm all for it. There's nothing but good things that can happen here," said Presidio County Justice of the Peace, David Beebe.

Parents in Marfa say, with the ID cards on-hand, they'll sleep a little better at night.

"It's important for us to have our child's information in a system like this. Even systems for the child's activities, medical records, things like that in case of an emergency," said parent Faliola Gonzales.

These new ID cards are free of charge.