MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - James R. Brooks Middle School, located in Greenwood ISD, opened its doors for the very first time today, just in time for back to school.

There was a great need for more staff with the expansion in making this new school with a 10 percent growth.

Greenwood ISD hired 13 new teachers to welcome in all the returning and some new students today for the school year.

"Our facilities were just much smaller than our numbers could hold so we certainly appreciate the voters for voting for the bond,"  Principal, John-Paul Huber, said. "They really did a nice job with the building"

The new 167,200-square-foot middle school will house 5th through 8th grades, and with a $34.3 million price tag, Huber thinks it's well worth it.

"The facility certainly helps bring more to the district, more gym space, considerably more bathrooms, more locker areas," Huber said. "We're talking about 27 more classrooms than what we've been used to so what we're looking at is a considerable growth to the district."

The new middle school is located right across from Greenwood High School and the principal said there should be more room available for everyone.