MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - George P. Bush taught a lesson at Milam Elementary

Friday, students at Milam Elementary were taught a Texas railroad history lesson by a special guest.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush visited the school with replicas of an original map of Texas railroads and cattle that are kept in Austin.

“So [the original maps] are really the crown jewels of Texas History so to replicate the experience of being an archivist we thought we’d bring some gloves and try to reproduce that in the classroom,” said Bush.

The Commissioner brought white gloves for the children to wear while studying the maps.

Bush believes it's much larger than just a lesson for the kids, in the grand scheme of things, there was also a lesson for the adults.

State officials connecting with students, parents, and educators is important.

“Being in the classroom and reconnecting allows us to have better decision making in Austin,” said Bush

Students in the classroom studied the map and answered questions Bush, a former educator, asked.

Then, the students were able to ask Bush questions of their own.

One student asked something along the lines of, “what inspired you to go from being a baseball player to where you are now?”

Bush responded with a chuckle and explained there were many steps in between and continued by giving the child an inspiring answer.

Bush and his team will continue to visit other schools around Texas.