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What's up with the lights in the night sky?

The origin is more human than you might think.

TEXAS, USA — All across West Texas Sunday night people shot videos of strange-looking lights in the sky

Many even assumed they might’ve been looking at UFOs.

But thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

"So last night, Sunday night, we had a launch," said NewsWest 9 Meteorologist Dan Grigsby. "SpaceX did a launch out of Cape Canaveral, Florida; releasing some Starlink satellites that actually passed through South Texas. That's what a lot of people saw."

The goal of Starlink is to provide high-speed, low-latency broadband internet to parts of the planet that usually don't get any. These launches are part of the process of trying to achieve that goal.

“If you see a bright light in the sky, chances are that it’s a satellite," said Grigsby. "Other times when you see a string of lights, which is also pretty common out here, that’s just a string of individual lights which represents satellites that are up higher in the sky. That’s why they’re not as bright.”

So, next time you’re looking up at the sky and see lights that don’t look like your average stars, just keep in mind that it could be a rocket with satellites being launched out into space.

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