In 2017, a video went viral of a man in a wheelchair struggling to back up after lighting a firework. Years later, that man is getting a new motorized wheelchair, thanks to a donation from a power chair company. 

In the video known as "Back up Terry," Terry Davis lights a firework from his motorized wheelchair. As the firework starts to spark, his chair malfunctions and he's unable to drive away. 

From behind the camera, the videographer shouts for Terry to back up as the fireworks blast off dangerously close to him.

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Today, the video has more than four million views. You can even buy a "Back up Terry" T-shirt, phone case, or beer koozie. 

On July 16, more than two years later, Quantum Rehab power chair company announced on Facebook it would be giving away a new chair to Terry Davis.

"Quantum is giving Terry an Edge 3 Power Chair with 4.5 mph iLevel," the company wrote.

Do you remember the video, "Back up, Terry!" that went viral two years ago? Well, Terry Davis needs a new wheelchair! Quantum is giving Terry an Edge 3 Power Chair with 4.5 mph iLevel! #quantumrehab...

A GoFundMe for Terry created in 2019 also raised more than $32,000. According to the fundraiser, Team Adaptive is also offering a discounted accessible van and modifications to make Terry's home easier to navigate. 

"All terry fans you all need a standing ovation for all your love in making all these things possible," the organizer wrote.

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Ten years ago, Terry became wheelchair-bound when he suffered a spinal injury, according to WREG in Memphis, Tenn. 

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