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WTX Warbirds add former NFL player to roster

Josh Robinson is bringing over tools, along with confidence, from his past experiences to WTX.

ODESSA, Texas — The indoor football season kicks off on Saturday when the Warbirds head to Amarillo to face the Venom.

West Texas has been revamping its roster and the squad's latest acquisition in former NFL running back, Josh Robinson, solidifies the franchise's mentality going into week one.

It all starts with confidence.

"I bring the juice," Robinson said. "Running backs bring the juice and we're always going to do that."

The former Indianapolis Colt and Mississippi State Football star also has extra motivation.

"I'm away from my kids," Robinson said. "That's what brings the animal out of me."

As the season creeps closer, the Warbirds are focused on internal goals.

"We can play tomorrow but we don't worry about competition, we worry about ourselves," Robinson said. "We worry about not getting complacent. We worry about our ball - Warbird ball."

Head Coach Tate Smith is well-aware of Robinson's importance to the the club too.

"He brings what everybody wants," Smith said. "To get to the NFL. He's been there, he's done that. He is basically the leader, the guidance of the team to show, 'this is how things are done for us to move up to the next level.'"

Robinson plans on carrying over what he's learned in his past to his time in the Permian Basin.

"When I come around people like Dak, people like Andrew Luck, it just motivates me to be the better person I can be that day," Robinson said. "You don't worry about the future. You don't worry about the past. You worry about the present." 

So, what excites him most about this season? 

"The ring," Robinson said.

The Warbirds' journey for a championship begins this weekend while their first home game at Ector County Coliseum will be on June 12th at 7:00pm.