DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A photo of a high school junior stopping mid-track to honor the national anthem is now going viral. Jacob Pope was said he was running late to football practice last week at South Davidson High School. He went to the fieldhouse to get dressed and when he came out he heard the national anthem playing in the background at a nearby softball game.

"I was just waiting and I placed my hand over my heart," he said

He then went about his business not realizing he was being photographed at the time.

Angie Gallimore a substitute teacher at the high school told WFMY News 2 she decided to snap the photo because she said she wanted others to see hope was not lost in the world. 

"I just thought this was amazing that he was showing respect and character when no one was looking," Gallimore said.

Gallimore said she waited to get permission of Jacob's mother before posting the photo on Facebook. The post has since gone viral being shared and liked at least 2,000 times.

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So proud of this South Davidson student. He was alone in the parking lot and heard the National Anthem being played at the softball game. He was headed to football practice. He stopped and placed his...

"I am still unbelievably proud, amazed, humbled and very blessed, " Jacob's mother Lauren Pope said.

Jacob doesn't see the moment as special, rather just living life how he was raised. But his words to live by are ones we all can take to heart.

"No matter how much negativity is going on in your life, always do the right thing," he said.