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Olympic hopefuls keep their minds sharp at home

USA Diving and C.O.M. Aquatics divers Samantha Pickens and Tarrin Gilliland have been training from home, mentally and physically.

MIDLAND, Texas — C.O.M. Aquatics divers and Team USA members, Sam Pickens and Tarrin Gililand, are stuck at home like the rest of us.

No pool. No trampoline. And seemingly, no way to work on their diving sets.

Still, these Olympic hopefuls are finding ways to keep their bodies and more importantly, their minds sharp.

"Diving is almost 75 percent mental and the rest is physical," Pickens said. "You do a lot of physical training, but everything is so much based on, 'How mentally prepared are you?"

They have exercises designed to help them focus on big moments on the diving board.

"I've been doing a lot of visualization," Pickens said. "I look at diving videos and I pick it apart. I see, 'What do I need to do mentally to be in these girls' shoes who are winning the Olympics games?"

When the time comes, they'll be prepared to dive right back into the action.

"Staying calm when I start visualizing each dive," Gilliland. "It's still gonna be scary but I know that my mind will be ready for it and my body."

Tarrin and Sam both say one of the only silver linings of this situation is giving their bodies and minds time to recharge.