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Odessa grandmother adopts her grandchildren

OHS Football helped repair Margarita Soto's home as she awaited a court date to adopt her grandchildren. That day finally came and we were there for the moment.

ODESSA, Texas — Via Zoom call, Ms. Soto heard the words "Thank you, Ms. Soto, for everything you're doing...Congratulations - you're a family!"

Odessa grandmother, Margarita Soto, heard the words she's been waiting to hear for years.

"It means a lot, I don't know how to describe it," Soto said. "So much emotion. The happiness I have because they're officially mine."

A dream come true, not just for Margarita, but her three grandchildren - Erezmiah, 8, Kameron, 5, and Lilly, 2.

"It feels good and I really, really wanted to be with my grandma all the time," Erezmiah.

Even after raising seven children, Margarita never hesitated to take her grandchildren under her wing.

"Proud to get to be a mother again to children," Soto said. "Mine, well, they're married. With these children, I get to do it all over again. So happy and at peace that they call me mommy."

One of Margarita's seven kids, Arabet Rice, knows the children's futures will be brighter because of this.

"She's a great mom," Rice said. "It's a great home. It's heartfelt, full of love."

The Soto family will remember this day forever.

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