DALLAS — America's Team apparently has America's Most Hackable NFL Fanbase.

A survey from the UK's National Cyber Security Centre listed "Cowboys1" as the most popular – a.k.a. the most hackable – NFL-related password for accounts that been breached worldwide.

The notorious list, which you can view in full here, also included several other variations of our local NFL team's nickname: "Cowboys9," "Cowboys21," "Cowboys5," etc. 

There were plenty of soccer clubs in the mix, too – Liverpool was the top password among Premier League squads – and a surprising number of profanity-laced passwords, even for the Internet.

All of which were safer than the most hackable password in the world: "123456"

Yes, it's 2019, and that's still a go-to password, to the tune of 23.2 million accounts that have been hacked worldwide. The slightly-more-iron-clad "123456789" checked in at No. 2 on the list, with 7.7 million hacks.