People across the country are being inspired by the Cinderella run of Loyola-Chicago. The 11th seeded Ramblers have made their way to the Final Four and will play Saturday at the Alamodome.

As the Ramblers picked up fans, so too has their sideline nun, Sister Jean.

At St. John Boscoe, there are rules to follow, tenants they hope shape children for the future.

The nuns watch more San Antonio Spurs basketball than college basketball, but they’re proud of how the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers carry themselves.

“The reason they do so well is something that Sister Jean has said she enjoyed from the players in Loyola. They get along so well because they love to play, they love to play as a team,” Sister Mary Mullaly explained.

They’re particularly proud of the team’s chaplain, 98-year-old sister Jean.

“Very easy answer for Sister Jean, and it’s, ‘Go girl!’ We enjoy what the children enjoy, and we have to keep young and youthful, such as Sister Jean of Loyola-Chicago.”

Sister Mullaly says that, for their students, Sister Jean is like the nuns they see every day, taking an active part in their lives. She also believes that there are parallels between faith and sports.

“Basketball is very goal-oriented, it’s very team-oriented. We can’t leave God out of the equation,” Sister Mary said. “It’s from Him that we get the strength and ability.”

Sister Mary says that she likes seeing selflessness and humility in a team, just like her beloved San Antonio Spurs.