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Spurs rookie Primo finds three point shooting inspiration from Pacers legend

"I've always tried to just take from whoever I could," Primo.

SAN ANTONIO — Spurs 18-year old rookie Joshua Primo was not born when Pacers great Reggie Miller was draining threes nightly when he was on the NBA hardwood.

But that doesn't mean Primo cannot find inspiration from the Hall of Fame shooting guard's deft shooting stroke.

Primo, much like Miller, is proving he isn't shy about hoisting three-point shots. 

With the Austin Spurs, he's second to fellow Spurs rookie Joe Wieskamp in three-point percentage at 36%. He's attempting 7.1 three-point shots and connecting on 2.6 per game. 

"Someone I've always watched in terms of three-point shot-making is Reggie Miller," Primo said. "Obviously, I wasn't around when he played, but I had a chance to see some of his clips and things like that."

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Primo may not have seen Miller play in his heyday but it was his dad who introduced his son to the Pacers legend.

"My dad was big on showing me some film of him with him, back when he played," said Primo. "So growing up, that's kind of who I looked up shooting-wise."

It wasn't just Miller who influenced Primo's shooting touch. He also credits his father and sister, Keisha, for helping him with his shooting touch.

"I get in the gym with both my father and my sister every day," Primo said. "My sister is a great shooter. We used to play 1-on-1 all the time as kids. She was a teenager and I was a little kid. She'd beat up on me."

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Primo already had some Miller-like three-point shooting performances with the Austin Spurs.

He went 5-for-8 from the three-point line to help Austin beat Mexico City on Nov 14 and 5-for7 from beyond the arc versus the Swarm on Dec. 3.

Overall, he is shooting 44% from the field and his confidence in taking shots is apparent since his days at Alabama. He ranked third on the team in three-point field goal percentage at 38% as a freshman.

"He showed playing in the preseason with the Spurs what he is capable of," Austin Spurs head coach Petar Bozic said. 

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Primo definitely has a ways to go if he wants to have a stellar career as Miller did. 

He is on the right path with his natural ability to hit outside shots and his high level of confidence.

And he is constantly looking to improve even if it means studying other great NBA players.

"I've always tried to just take from whoever I could, whoever I saw was most effective off the dribble and off the ball, as well," Primo said.

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