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Grizzlies' Twitter takes New Year's Eve jab at Spurs and Spurs fans fire back

That was not in the holiday spirit, Grizzlies.

SAN ANTONIO — The Grizzlies official Twitter account gave the Spurs one final jab before the calendar turned 2022.

Following the Spurs' loss to Memphis, the Grizzlies tweeted out a meme of their logo photoshopped giving the Spurs a toast in the form of an "L."

Needless to say, Spurs fans did not take the online potshot well and gave Memphis a piece of their minds.

And leave it to one Spurs fan to really give Memphis a taste of their own medicine with the ultimate comeback.

Spurs fans do not take well to outsiders trying to throw shade at their beloved team or at the Alamo City.

Recently, Heat's Caleb Martin shared his negative thoughts on San Antonio which led to fans piling up on him.

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What do you have to say about this potshot, Spurs fans? Let us know on Twitter at @KENS5 and @JeffGSpursKENS5.

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