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Local trainer providing "Pro-Style" combine for West Texas athletes

Pride Performance owner David Hernandez will be hosting the first ever high school camp in Midland on August 1st.

MIDLAND, Texas — Getting on college coaches' radars has been a struggle for top West Texas athletes, but David Hernandez hopes his combine can get more eyes on Midland-Odessa.

"We’re going to have standardized athletic testing which is going to have certified lasers that is partnered with the NFL and the national combine," said Hernandez.

"It’s a big deal all the way out in West Texas," said Midland High Safety Brannan Mannix. "We always have to travel to get these tests and travel all over Texas or even further."

"This wasn’t available back in my day. It’s in your back yard, you don’t got to leave nowhere," explained Hernandez.

The camp will feature equipment from Zybeck, a testing technology that the National Football League uses at their combine. 

"Those lasers cannot be faked, everything goes off preciseness. It goes to three decimal places every time," Hernandez said in excitement. "Once you compete, those scores will be sent to a cloud, stored, and then you’ll be ranked throughout the nation."

This will provide an opportunity for West Texas athletes to be ranked among the nation's best since it's an official timing program.

"That’s what all the coaches look at right now, they want your actual times, not handheld," said Mannix

The combine will take place on August 1st, to sign up click the link below:

It is our mission at Pride Performance to redefine the word, athlete. We train our clients to become superior competitors using techniques that will translate to multiple facets of physical activity and sport. We develop workouts that will benefit our clientel by developing different skillsets that will translate to

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