TERRELL COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Terrell County Independent School District released a statement following social media posts of an incident that ended the Sanderson v. Marfa football game on Sept. 7.

"The incidents that occurred at the Sanderson v. Marfa football game on Friday, September 7th are unfortunate and embarrassing for both communities and school districts. There were actions by both teams that were unacceptable. The appropriate notifications have been made to UIL and TEA. The district will review the incident. Once all the facts are gathered, a decision regarding necessary actions will be taken. Until that time, and based on what is known now, we support our coaching staff," Amanda Magallan, Terrell County I.S.D. Superintendent, said.

Six Man columnist Leman Saunders released these statements following the game on his twitter.

The coach in question, David Donnell, was formerly a coach at Paducah Independent School District and Loop Independent School District. He retired from coaching earlier this year, but returned to coach for Sanderson.

We have not received confirmation of the arrest from Presidio County Sheriff's Office at this time.