STANTON, TX (KWES) - The Stanton High School football team has a new coach this fall. New coaches implement new plays, new motto's and bring about new opportunities. For two athletes, their new coach gave them the chance to play.

"I had no idea that I would be playing football in high school because in junior high they wouldn't let us and then Coach Burkhart came along and gave us the opportunity," said Macy Nix a JV football player.

"If they can get the job done, they're going to play," explained Coach Jerry Burkhart.

Junior Ariel Ramos is a Varsity kicker for the Buffaloes. She has happily surprised her peers and Stanton fans.

"When they first found out, a couple of them were like no she won't make it, but now they after seeing me kick the previous two games they're really enjoying it. They love having me here," said Ramos.

Macey Nix, a freshman is playing wide receiver on the JV.

It really takes a load off being able to have fun and just play a game with people where they don't treat you any different. It's great," added Nix.

Ramos is following in footsteps of her older brother, who was a four-year kicker at Stanton.

"He came to my game. He actually cried after he saw me kick and he was just beyond… there are no words to describe how happy he was," said Ramos.

Nix's itch to play football comes from her dad, who has been supportive despite his fear of her getting hurt.

She admits she feels a little scared out there depending on who's she's matched up against.

"Sometimes when guys are bigger than me, or sometimes when a guy tells me that I can't do it or I'm going to get hurt then sometimes I do but I don't let that stop me from playing the game that I love," said Nix.

The two agree that it's cool to look across the field and see another ponytail sticking out of a helmet, and together they hope to be proving it's possible.