GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - You often don't hear football and surfing in the same sentence especially in West Texas. For Greenwood's starting senior quarterback Jake Somers, surfing is surprisingly one of his favorite hobbies off the gridiron.

"I've always loved the water. Every time I'd get an opportunity to go to the pool or something like that in Midland I've always fell in love with it. I guess one time I went down with my family to San Diego and you'd see all these guys on the beach hitting waves and stuff, so I wanted to try it. So, we went and rented some boards and I went out there and first try got out there on the board. I just fell in love with it," said Somers.

His love for surfing started when he caught that first wave but what got him hooked is the lifestyle and the people he met.

"I like the culture. I follow on my Instagram all this stuff about surfing and stuff. I like the culture based around it. I like water sports and you can just tell they're having fun out there like they're going around just having the time of their lives. Doing the kind of stuff I would only dream about doing," said Somers.

Paddling out and catching a wave may seem completely different than hitting the gridiron and catching a ball, but the two sports have a few unnoticeable similarities.

"I'll tell you what in surfing you have to have a lot of durability. First getting nailed by those waves crashing into the beach and they're crashing into the rocks on the bottom of the ocean, but that durability wise is probably a big thing because we get beat up out here in football," said Somers.

Although surfing has a special kind of thrill and excitement, for Jake, nothing will beat that feeling of stepping on the field every Friday night.

"Played football all my life. I love it. I love the sport, the game, and I love the atmosphere it has and it just means the world to me."