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Being a Mascot: Where everyday is Halloween

Following around Greenwood High School's mascots Rowdy and Roxy during their game Friday was quite an adventure.

MIDLAND, Texas — Monday is Halloween: the day where you can dress up as anything you want: a ghost, a clown, an alien, maybe even a ranger.

If you’re lucky, you get to dress up like your favorite character every day, just like Rowdy and Roxy, the riotous mascots of the Greenwood Rangers.

"Well the mascots add all kinds of antics, they have fun," Greenwood cheer coach Lee Anne Curry said. "The kids love them. They've learned so much throughout the last year on how to make themselves smaller to kids and they just laugh, they play. They get the crowd going whenever they're acting crazy and they help the girls out too, they make them laugh whenever we're having a rough time so they just-- they add a lot, they bring a lot to the table."

With their cowboy boots and cowboy hats, Rowdy and Roxy get to have all the fun they want during football games from hanging out with the cheerleaders to entertaining the crowd.

One of the best parts of the gig is the anonymity. Anyone at the school who’s not in the crowd or on the football field could be under those masks.

Rowdy is a senior ranger, and they will be missed by the school.

"Our senior is a lot of fun," Curry said. "She brings a lot, she's very animated. and she loves it. She made All-American to finish out her senior year, so we're super proud of her and I'm going to wish her the very best."

To be a mascot, you have to be talented. These two were chosen from a pool of students, and only the best get to don the bandanas and cowboy boots.

"To be a mascot, [you have to be] theatrical, not scared. Ask for forgiveness later. Sometimes they'll do things they're probably not supposed to but it makes people laugh and that's what their job is."

So if you think you have what it takes to be one of the masked Rangers, you might have to try out in the future. 

It could be fun being the mystery of the school-just ask Rowdy and Roxy, although you might not get a response.

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