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Will the next Browns coach finally put down some roots? — Bud Shaw’s You Said It

Cleveland sports fans wonder about the Browns coaching search and Kevin Love’s recent meltdown.

CLEVELAND — “You Said It" is a reader participation column based on the premise that if you don't laugh about Cleveland sports you'll cry.

And that if you do laugh about Cleveland sports, you might still end up crying. But at least friends and family might occasionally like being around you.


Bud: In their almost annual head coaching search, has Browns management given up asking candidates, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” — Jim Corrigan, Fairview Park.

I believe you misspelled “months.”

Bud: I can’t get worked up about the Browns’ search for new leadership. I’m really afraid that the ones smart enough to fix the mess are too smart to take the job. — Dave in Mentor.

I don’t know. Drawing four years of salary for one year of work seems pretty brilliant to me. Wasn’t it Freddie Kitchens who presciently said, “Don’t put on the golden parachute if you’re not going to coach the Browns.”

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Bud: (How about) Robert Saleh. Hard nose, excitable and can motivate players.  He looks good in brown and red, brown and orange even better. — Jim.

Saleh might just remind Haslam too much of Mike Pettine. Likewise, sources say the owner is convinced Freddie Kitchens showed up for an interview calling himself Brian Daboll.

Bud: What qualifications & intangibles are Jimbo and Paul looking for in their coaching search? — O. Bill Stone.

A coach who feels as comfortable renting as owning.

Bud: I see that a petition was sent to the Ohio Medical Board to make Browns/Bengals fans a condition for medical marijuana and it reminded me: Have you heard anything back about the petition that was signed by the five You Said It fans to make reading You Said It a condition for medical marijuana? — Kevin from Medina.

From what I see submitted to YSI on a weekly basis, there’s far more reason to conduct random grammar testing.

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Bud: Admit it, you thought the revolving door installed at the front entrance of Browns’ Headquarters was to save energy. — Vince G., Cincinnati.

I believe that was installed after four security guards struggled ushering George Kokinis to the parking lot.

Bud: After Kevin Love threw a fit on the court he apologized for acting “like a 13-year-old.” Was it really that bad, I mean by Baker Mayfield standards? — Tim, C-Town.

If it didn’t seem that bad, I’d say it’s more because the Cavs average age is 15.

Bud: When the Browns disappoint, they can always be compared to You Said It. — Michael Sarro.

Being declared a You Said It “winner” compares favorably to going 6-10.

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