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Alternative Baseball looking to start league in west Texas

Founder Taylor Duncan is trying to spread his league for people with disabilities to Texas.

MIDLAND, Texas — "And guess what West Texas, we want to come for you next," said Alternative Baseball founder Taylor Duncan.

Alternative Baseball is a league for players 18 and up who have disabilities. The rules are the exact same as Major League Baseball, the only difference is that Alternative Baseball plays with a bigger and softer ball.

Alternative Baseball provides an authentic baseball experience for teens and adults (ages 15+) with autism and special needs for physical and social skills enrichment in life on and off the baseball diamond. In Alternative Baseball, games are played using professional league rules.

"We only use wood bats, players pitch, everything that’s traditional about the game we do, " explained Duncan. "Even all the way to the bat toss where you go hand over hand over hand to the knob to win home team advantage. Like in sandlot."

The only problem is the league needs volunteers to start a new team in the Permian Basin. They're looking for coaches/managers to help guide the players and teach them the mechanics of America's pass time.

"We have to find the coach manager in order for us to get it started there," said Duncan. "When we’re accepted for who we are and encouraged to be the best that we can possibly be, the sky is the absolute limit on what we can accomplish."

If you're interested in signing up as a player or coach, clink the links below.

Thank you for your interest in starting Alternative Baseball in your community! We truly appreciate your thinking of us! We look forward to working with you to make the dream for the teens and adults with special needs in your community a reality!
Congratulations! You're taken your first step in your Alternative Baseball experience! We're ecstatic you've chosen to join our ABO family and play for one of our local clubs! In addition, some of your questions may already be answered in our FAQ section. In the meantime...