If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. Here are five suggestions to make sure your guests remember they had a great time.

Have plenty of food and space

Know ahead of time how many pizzas, burgers, chips and wings you're going to need. If it's a potluck, assign everyone something to bring. Make sure you tell your guests to bring their beverage of choice. If not, have plenty of options available for them, including non-alcoholic drinks. And double check that you have enough seating for everyone. If you run out of chairs, throw some pillows on the floor.

Have some games ready

  • Print these Super Bowl bingo cards.
  • Print this Super Bowl trivia game, updated for 2019, and see how your guests do.
  • Prop bet game: Find 10 of the most off-the-wall prop bets surrounding the game, and let your guests guess the result. Give each bet a weighted score and see who scores the highest.
  • Touchdown dance contest: If you have guests who are the life of the party, ask them to partake in a dance contest every time a touchdown is scored.
  • Rate the commercials: Print scorecards numbered one to five, and give them to your guests to hold up when a commercial is played.