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US representatives respond to Russian invasion of Ukraine

U.S. Congressman August Pfluger calls the Russian invasion a tragic situation.

MIDLAND, Texas — The world continues to watch as Russia follows through with its invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces are closing in, by air and land, after taking control of the radioactive Chernobyl power plant.

Now, leaders in the United States are figuring out how to deal with the situation. U.S. Congressman August Pfluger said that President Joe Biden needs to be operating from an environment of strength during this time, in order to push back against Russia's act of aggression.

"It’s a tragic situation," Pfluger said. "The worst fears are unfortunately coming true, and when I asked why now, their response in Ukraine, the leadership there believe that it was the environment of weakness that we're in."

President Biden has already issued sanctions in response to the invasion, but Pfluger said that more needs to be done.

"First and foremost, he needs to fully sanction Nord Stream," Pfluger said. "Midland Over Moscow does exactly that. Secondly, he needs to orchestrate a coalition of worldwide partners and allies."

It's a sentiment that another U.S. Congressman in Texas shares.

"The only thing Putin understands is raw political power," U.S. Congressman Tony Gonzales said. "When America stands firm, the world is a safer place. Now is the time to tap into our cyber expertise and economic sanctions before further destruction occurs."

According to some economists, if you take away Russia's ability to export oil and natural gas to Europe, you can cripple the Russian economy.

"It all stems from Russia’s political power," Dr. Ray Perryman, president of the Perryman Group said. "The fact that they control the natural gas that heats Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and it gets really cold during the winter, and that is the source of Russia’s power. Take it away and Russia’s economy is smaller than Texas and their leaders there are just another leader of another middle-size country with no particular economic strength."

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