Women Break Their Silence During Domestic Violence Month
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

She watched her mother being abused for years and when she grew up, her boyfriend beat her up. Now one Odessa woman is breaking the cycle of violence. As part of national domestic violence month, NewsWest 9 talked to her about her story of survival and how she broke the chain of violence.

After suffering quietly for months in abusive relationship, one young woman wanted to get out and show her children the cycle of violence can end. She did not want to be identified so we concealed her identity and called her Jane.

"I should of left the first time," Jane said.

Jane is a single mother of three kids and was involved in an abusive relationship.

"It was physical abuse, choking, punching and kicking," Jane said.

Jane has been around abuse all of her life and breaking the cycle was not easy.

"I was raised around family violence at a young age.  I've seen what my mother went through and I didn't want to take my kids through that," Jane said.

So Jane decided to pack her stuff, take her kids and go.

"I wanted to break the cycle for my kids," Jane said.

Last year, 214 women and children, like Jane, left their violent homes to join Angel House. A place where women can be safe, take control of their life and enjoy freedom.

"It's very prevalent women and children come in daily," Renee Morris with the Crisis Center Angel House, said.

That's why this month, all across the nation, organizations are trying to spread the word that there is a way out.

"It takes a while for her to leave her home, it's a big choice, counseling is a huge part for her to understand she has a right not live in fear," Morris said.

That's exactly what Jane is doing, she is not living in fear and has ended the cycle of violence for her and her children.  She wants other women to step up and do the same.

"I just want to say you are not alone, there is a safe place.  Help may not seem easy but they need to find the courage to come and leave the husband or you will end up dying or staying trapped forever," Jane said.

The Crisis Center is trying to get the word out to other women or men who are in abusive relationships. They want people to know no matter how bad the situation is, there is a place to turn to.