Witnesses, Friends Speak About Accident That Killed Four Local Teens
Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY-  Although the scene has ben cleared where the fatal car accident took place, for area resident Mark Busby, it's one that is still fresh in his mind.

"I seen a suburban, or it was a white Tahoe that was facing this way. I seen the black car sitting in the field. Two people laying right there in the door. And there was two girls laying out in the back window," Witness, Mark Busby, said.

Busby running back to his home to grab a blanket to try to comfort one of the victims.

"We covered up the guy that was laying half way out on the ground. We covered him up."

NewsWest 9 then asked, "was he deceased?"

"No, he wasn't deceased at the time. We just covered him up because he was shaking real bad," Busby said.

All four victims that Busby and his family were rendering aid to died.

The Ector County Medical Examiners Office identified them as 18-year-old Whitney Dixon. The other victims that died are 18-year-old Gae-Linda Ann Danielle Moore and 18-year-old Russell Chance Raymond.

The fourth victim's name has not been released because next of kin still has to be notified.

Medical examiners reports show Dixon and Raymond to have died at the scene. Moore and the other female victim died at the hospital.

But their deaths have Busby very disturbed, because he feels emergency response time could have made all the difference.

NewsWest 9 then asked when Busby called police.

"At 11:06 and then the last call I made was at 11:50 p.m. and that's when the sheriff pulled up. When I was on the phone. The last time," Busby said.

A picture of his call log shows that those calls spanned over almost an hour. In all, he made three calls, as well as others that were at the scene.

"Living out west, we got that kind of response. They really didn't have a chance. They laid on the ground for almost an hour," Busby said.

Now he wants to see some changes.

"I think we need to get at least an ambulance service out here. We got a volunteer fire department but we need an ambulance service out here," Busby said.

Now friends and family, such as those of Whitney Dixon, are left to mourn those lost.

"There's a lot of people who love her. It's just hard man. That's what the word is hard. I'm taking it very hard," Long Time Friend, Gilbert Casarez, said.