West Texas Taxpayers Protest Current Tax System
By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Some West Texans used tax day as an opportunity to protest what they call out of control spending in Washington. Dozens gathered in front of Odessa's City Hall as part of a TEA party protest.

The TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. It's a nationwide movement supporters say has the same spirit as the Boston Tea Party.

"Our forefathers stood up because they were being taxed improperly, and taxed without representation. So, that's what we are doing here," Ronnie Neal, a TEA Party supporter, said on Wednesday.

From flags and posters, to speeches, supporters said Wednesday's rally was all about voicing their problems with government spending and bailouts.

"We're being over taxed, we are having trillions of dollars spent that we don't know where it is going," Neal explained.

"I mean, all it's doing is causing problems for every one of us, and we're all out here with our flags and our boards and everything, saying it is hurting us," William Stapp, another supporter, said.

Similar rallies like the one in Odessa were ongoing nationwide on Wednesday, and Odessa organizers said many West Texans are on board.

"It was a grassroots effort, it started out with emails back and forth, and we just slowly organized things. We wanted to have our local speakers, to hear from the people to see what they had to say," Organizer Dottie Chavez, explained.

Organizers told NewsWest 9 the movement is bipartisan, but that didn't stop some from going as far as to say the current President of the United States has left them in chains.

"When my money is being taken to pay other people's bills, to increase their wealth, when they've done nothing for me to earn it, for anyone else to earn it, that is slavery," David Roberts, a supporter who wore paper chains at the rally, said. "They have enslaved me."

Supporters said the goal is to send a strong message to politicans, not to let wasteful spending leave the next generation in debt.