West Texas Students Playing Dangerous "Pass Out Game"
by Kristen Lowe
NewsWest 9

The choking game, the pass out game or the good kids high. No matter what you call it, it's a dangerous way to get high that's working its way into West Texas schools.

"They take a bunch of deep breaths, and then they hold their breath and blow on their thumb," Deputy Sheriff, J. Bond said. "In a nutshell, you're making yourself hyperventilate."

But you don't have to hear it from him, there are dozens of videos and websites that are teaching kids as young as second grade how to play.

"Sheriff's office and EMS responded to an incident at the school where a child was playing "The Pass Out Game," Bond said. "The young man fell back, hitting the back of his head."

In this case, the student is expected to be okay. School officials called 911 right away. They transported him to the Rankin Hospital, then to Midland and finally to a hospital in Lubbock.

But Superintendent Danny Davis believes it happened a little differently. He told NewsWest 9 the boy was just demonstrating the game to his friends, when he fell and hit his head.

Either way, the boy was knocked unconscious and parents are concerned.

"It's just scary that kids would go that far to fit in," Rankin resident, Lena Potter, said. "It's scary".

When NewsWest 9 contacted the health departments in Ector and Midland counties, they said they didn't have any information on the "Pass Out Game." In fact, they said they had never heard of it.