WEST TEXAS, TX (KWES) - Food banks in West Texas are preparing for the possible effects of the partial Government Shutdown.

According to the US Department Of Agriculture, Snap benefits, a government food assistance program, will still be handed out in February.

The USDA is also working with states to issue benefits earlier than usual, but if they run out, people will be turning to food banks.

Another concern is Federal workers who have been furloughed causing an increase in volume at the food banks.

“We are concerned about how the shutdown is affecting everyone, particularly federal employees who are losing income,” said Executive Director of the West Texas Food Bank Libby Campbell. “We are encouraged by the news that snap benefits will not be affected in February, but if it continues it could force cuts in snap and other food programs that will lead to increased hunger in West Texas.”

If you would like to help the West Texas Food Bank prepare for possible effects of the partial government shutdown, Campbell says both volunteers and donations are always needed.