Laci Weaver, a mom of seven with one on the way, dropped out of high school at a very young age and started working when her step dad passed away.

“He was the man who raised me. And it really impacted our lives, my life, my mom’s life, my brothers' lives. It had a huge impact on us and I quit school and decided I was going to go help my mom. And I just branched off on the wrong path,” said Weaver.

Weaver found herself a job at Walmart and said one day she stumbled upon an email from a new Walmart program called, 'Live Better U' that offered a free education.

“So I was like why not, let’s see what happens, so I put in an application; within 48 hours I was contacted by a gild adviser, I was accepted in the program, and by 6 months I graduated,” said Weaver.

But Weaver would have never re-pursued a high school diploma without her biggest inspiration, her first son Aidan who survived being on life support for a year.

“My biggest thing was my biggest motivator was seeing my baby, my 7 year old; he just had this huge organ transplant and 3 days later he sits up and he’s got tubes all over him and he says 'Can I have some pizza?' You know they told me he would be like comatose,” said Weaver.

Weaver said doctors even told her he wasn’t going to make it.

“If he can do that, if he can get up two days after having this huge surgery, I can get my high school diploma and I'm going to get it for him and I'm going to get it for me because we deserve it,” said Weaver.

After seeing Aidan struggle for so long, another challenge came about when he finally was healthy enough to go to school. Having received only three days of schooling in the hospital, he knew he wasn’t prepared like the other children.

“He was worried and he felt badly about himself, so that was something we did together. Because when he went to school for his first time, I was going to school too. And so he would read my essays with me and I’d read them to him and he’d be like mom, that doesn’t sound good you need to take that out of there.”

A bond that later motivated an entire family of eight.

“All my kids are straight A students and they love to learn. And it made me feel good because I helped out with that because if mom can do it, I can do it.”