You need it to park but could your handicap placard get you in trouble, if you get pulled over? Let's Verify.

A viewer sent our Verify team an interesting question. Michael Martindale wrote in asking, "is it true there is a state law that driving while the handicap placard is hanging on the front windshield's review mirror is a violation?"

Our source for this one is Texas Transportation Code and here is what it says: You can get a ticket for hanging anything from your rear-view mirror that obstructs or reduces your view of the road.

So it's up to the officer who pulls you over to decide if that handicap placard is blocking your view.

But it's important to note the rule of thumb for a handicap placard is to only hang it on your rear-view mirror when you are parked. Take it off if you are driving.

So Michael we can verify you can get a ticket for driving around with a handicap placard on your rear view mirror.