(KWES) -A quick search for therapy apps will bring up dozen of results in any app store.

Over the last few years, more and more apps like Mindspace and Youper have been created.

"It helped actually. Its really strange because I started using it probably when I needed the most help. Its kind of like a therapist in your pocket. Its kind of like a digital diary really," said Celeste Solis.

Solis began using the free app 'Youper' to help guide her in practicing Mindfulness.

“The benefit of a mindful practice is it helps you sort of wake up to your life at any moment. So you can be mindful walking down the street, you can be mindful cooking dinner, you can mindful brushing your teeth,” said Dr. Samantha Klassen with UTPB.

The science behind the app, 'Youper', focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, along with mindfulness and meditation.

“One of the biggest premises of CBT is that situations in your life don’t make you angry or depressed or sad. Its the meaning that you attach to a situation that causes those particular emotions to arise,” said Klassen.

It’s the conversations with the apps that help you understand those attached meanings.

“You know it’s a robot so it’s not like a person and you’re talking to someone and fearing that they’re going to judge you,” said Solis.

Doctor Klassen does have concerns with the app though.

While an app like ‘Youper’ can be a great tool, most health professionals agree that it will not replace traditional in-person therapy.

"If we rely exclusively on technology to do the job of a human then we rob ourselves of the person to person connection that we can have with someone," urged Doctor Klassen.

Regardless, both Solis and Klassen encourage people to give the app a try.