MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On the morning of March 12, the Texas Department of Transportation warned drivers to expect lane closures on westbound Interstate Highway 20 at County Road 1150, also known as Tank Farm Road.

Lanes were closed as crews inspected damage from the bridge being struck by a truck driver who fled the scene.

Due to minimal damage of the bridge, the lane closures were open again around 2 pm.

"Well we’ve had more than our share of bridge hits in this area in the last several years. If you look back at just right now in the last two years, we’ve had ab out 16 bridge hits and we’ve got what we call damage claims of an outstanding four million dollars,” said TX DOT Public information Officer, Gene Powell.

Powell says bridge hits are a reoccurring issue that has been stagnant for some time now. But when it comes to who is responsible for them, the truck drivers are completely at fault.

“It all comes back to driver responsibility. I know we all like to point the fingers and blame somebody else. But these bridges don’t jump out at you. They’re there, they have signs on the bridge to tell you how tall it is and anything that’s over 14-6 inches has to have a permit anyway.”

Although Powell says this issue falls back on truck drivers, TXDOT is taking extra steps to reduce the number of bridge hits.

Powell says TXDOT plans to install warning systems well before the majority of overpasses in Ector and Midland County, which will flash red if your truck’s height exceeds the limit for the specific overpass.