Two Suspects Behind Bars in Connection With Swindling Money From Homebuyers
Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Two of the three men accused of bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting home buyers are now behind bars in Midland County.

The third one is just days away from being arrested.

Midland Police tell NewsWest 9, more people have come forward claiming to be victims of the trio's scam.

Homeowners would end up with nothing after promises of restored homes.

62-year-old Larry Spence and 43-year-old Charles Gilmore were arrested on Friday and have been charged with theft.

The same charges are pending against 69-year-old Charles Sprayberry.

Investigators say the three were selling run-down mobile homes and promising to fix them up, but the fix-up never happened after the cash changed hands.

No word yet on the total number of victims but we're told many were illegal immigrants who were afraid they would be arrested themselves if they went to the cops.

Charles Sprayberry hasn't been arrested yet because authorities are waiting for him to recover after an assault last week where he suffered severe head trauma.