Two small businesses in Midland won some extra cash
Piano Works Gallery. (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Tuesday night six lucky small businesses in Midland won thousands of dollars. Two of the winners spoke about the next moves for their growing business.

Tall City Brewing Co. won $75,000, the group of native Midlander guys wants to bring craft beer to Midland.

The company has five owners; Erich Schmidt, Nicholas Schmidt, Jarrod Sparks, Josh Sparks, and Jeff Thomas.

The owners already have a plan in mind for the money.

"We have various things, refrigerator trucks, canning lines whatever all these big expenses that definitely helped toward," said Jeff Thomas, Owner, Tall City Brewing Co.

The group was very excited and humbled to win the scholarship.

"It's a great feeling, that's amazing to know that the judges thought we had a great idea, and felt like the city and the people of Midland are excited to back us guys up," said Jarrod Sparks, Owner, Tall City Brewing Co.

Piano Works Gallery also won, a total of $25,000.

The owners, Philip Soley and Steven Hopp are bringing a new, unique idea to Midland.

Starting out of a garage, Piano Works Gallery now has a store that is one of a kind to Midland.

According to the owners, the extra capital will be a great addition.

"For any small business that's opening a true brick and mortar store money is always an issue. We spent a fair amount of money securing a location, re-modeling, getting inventory. Having some comfort with money that is coming from another source has made some things feel much easier," Steve Hopp, owner, Piano Works Gallery.

The store offers a place for customers to book piano lessons, buy both new and used pianos, and art.

"So, we are the other store in Midland that sales new and used grandfather clocks and we also sell fine art we have many one-of-kind pieces that can't be found anywhere else including these porcelain sculptures by a local Texas artist this is porcelain, brass and bronze and each of these pieces are one of a kind," said Steven Hopp, Owner, Piano Works Gallery.