FORT WORTH, Texas — Pastor Cherryll Wallace of Fort Worth always knew the property where she did the Lord’s work was temporary. The land where the Church on the Slab sits on Arizona Avenue, near Rosedale Street and Interstate 35W, has been for sale for years.

Wallace told WFAA she was informed just a few days ago that the current owner is in talks with a new owner and future plans do not include the church.

"This door has always been open for people," said Roshone Johnson, a church-goer.

The Church on the Slab in Fort Worth serves mostly the homeless population. It is named that because the first services were outside and on a slab. Even the church cat named C.C. is a rescue. Johnson, who has been homeless for almost 20 years, said the church is the one place the homeless feel at home.

"Circumstances isn't what depicts a person," Wallace said. "They feel at home because they're welcome."

Wallace said she is appreciative of the owners because the building was free. Wallace told WFAA that church covers all the utilities. But she said now that it appears the owner is in talks with a new owners, all prior arrangements are off the table.

"They have a right to sell it," Wallace said.

She and 200 or so members who attend the church here have to be back out by Wednesday. That happens to be just days before Easter Sunday and Wallace is not happy about that timing.

"I was told to have this church here. He didn't tell me to take it down, I'm not doing it," Wallace said.

WFAA made several attempts to reach the owners of the property and are still waiting for a response.

"I've seen the Lord do miracles then, and He is still doing them," she said.

Easter Sunday may just have to happen where the church started: back on the slab.