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Designer deals truly don't get any bigger than this! A 24-hour Kate Spade sale that just dropped online is not only 5 percent better than Black Friday, you'll see significantly more selection if you shop right now.

With reductions of up to 75 percent off and your average savings of 40 percent off per item, I rarely see sales of this magnitude from brands that have this type of resonance.

Kate Spade continues to dominate on the designer market and boasts an appeal to women of all ages. The prices are often too steep for comfort but the reductions online right now are quite simply the best you will see this year.

It's not necessarily unusual to see designer products on sale during the spring. Valentine's Day is used as a time to reveal sale prices. One month later, those sale prices are moved to clearance pricing as retailers test the market and appeal of new seasonal products and colors.

If you or anyone you know is the in market for a purse, wallet, tote, handbag or you want to grab a Mother's Day present early, I would make your move now.

The best overall deal in my opinion is this:

BUY IT NOW: $230 off Kate Spade Laurel Way Reese Handbag with free shippingWas: $359.00Now: $129.00You can find the rest of the gigantic sale right here!MORE FROM DEALBOSS:Who is Matt Granite?
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