Tension Sparked Over Survey Results Regarding ECISD Employee Morale
By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Tension was in the room Monday night at the Ector County Independent School District's Board of Trustees meeting. The district was up against the Texas State Teachers Association. The hot button issue revolved around a survey that was just released showing the general morale amongst employees.

TSTA's Chuck Isner helped conduct the survey which was sent out to employees district wide. A little more 20% of employees responded.

He says for months on end employees have been battling extreme stress and pressure from the administration. "They're using fear and intimidation as a management-style and that is never going to produce better results," Isner said.

He claims the survey is the hard proof needed to back him up and the only reason he's gone this far is because he wants a better and stronger ECISD.

"I care about this district. I care about the kids in this district. I have grand kids in this district. I want what is right and what is good for them and what we have now is not working and it's harming our teachers and our students," he adds.

At Monday night's meeting, dozens came forward taking a different position on the issue. Eight principals, along with their staff, came in front of the board reporting they're happy with the new changes the district has made, including the implementation of C-Scope, Eduphoria and Professional Learning Communities.

Blackshear Elementary School Principal Marcos Lopez was pleased with all three changes.

"They turned out to be just great. The staff was willing to work with them and we took it slow," he says. He claims his school did not feel the anguish and unhappiness that Isner is referring to.

"[Staff] does not feel that [way] because that's not how the administration at Blackshear Elementary operates. We don't operate that way," Lopez said.