Teen Challenge Women's Center Open and Bursting at the Seams
By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - They're almost bursting at the seams. A local alcohol and drug abuse center just opened it's doors and so far, they've seen a flurry of women knocking on their doors. Teen Challenge in Midland just kicked off their new women's center and NewsWest 9 got a first hand look inside.

"The people of this community really rose up and met that need, met the matching grant and we were able to complete it," Women's Center Director, Shelly Ousley, said. "It was amazing. It was a miracle, it was just enough."

A community-wide effort, the new Women's Center at Teen Challenge in Midland opened just a few weeks ago, and already they're packed tight. 11 women moved in when it opened. Now, they've got 20 with plenty more clamoring to get in. They say it's one of the few places designed just for women battling addictions.

"The need is constantly growing," Ousley said. "It's growing faster than we can meet it. There are men and women falling to addiction constantly."

NewsWest 9 wanted to hear their stories. NewsWest 9 sat down with three ladies living at the faith-based facility who said the past couple of months have drastically shaped their lives.

"I have been doing drugs since I was 12 years old," Resident, Shauri Kidder, said. "It's been my entire life. I hit a rock bottom and God brought me out of it and I backslid again and I needed help."

"We're all extremely tight," Resident, Ladina Collier, said. "We have a saying when a new person comes in, "You just got here, but we love you." It's very true what we have - it's a sisterhood."

The women who live at the center spend their days helping with community service and cleaning area churches. The staff leads them through counseling, Bible studies, and life skills.

"I plan to use everything I've learned here through Teen Challenge to help guide me through every decision I have to make in life to be a better mom and get back with my kids," Resident, Julie Brown, said.