SWAT Team Coming Soon to Fort Stockton
By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - The town of Fort Stockton will soon get a SWAT Unit. This of course will help law enforcement officials with any kind of situation. The SWAT Unit will be good not only for Fort Stockton but for surrounding areas as well. They say creating a SWAT team will help them be prepared for any kind of situation.

"The last thing that I wanna get is caught in a situation if we have an active shooter situation at one of the schools, at the hospital wherever it might be," Fort Stockton Police Chief, Art Fuentes, said.

Right now, Fort Stockton already has an armored car ready to go. The vehicle will be used when hostile situations arise and Fort Stockton won't be the only one benefiting from it.

"Not only will the people here in Ft. Stockton benefit but also the surrounding areas, its extra tools out there to help prevent crime," Officer Robert Garcia, said.

The SWAT Unit will be used as the primary tactical unit at a scene, but if a critical situation were to arise they won't be alone. They would actually call for back up from either Midland or Odessa. The Police Chief says it's important to establish the unit and do it right from the get go.