String of Car Burglaries in Dawson County
String of Car Burglaries in Dawson County
By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

LAMESA - Authorities in Lamesa and Dawson County are on the hunt. Officers are looking for those involved in a string of burglaries over the past three months. And they're asking for residents' help to stop the crooks once and for all.

"We've never experienced a load this big in burglaries," said Lieutenant Alex Contreras with the Lamesa Police Department. "We've lost I guess easy forty-five, fifty thousand dollars worth of property."

And the number of burglaries in Lamesa is still going up. Police said at least six victims stepped forward late last week.

"We're not having that much criminal mischief done to the vehicles. I guess because we've never really had them before, so people are not locking their vehicles," explained Lt. Contreras.

Officers said unlocked cars are the single biggest problem leading to the burglaries. And it doesn't make it any easier for an investigation.

"There's not as much evidence to collect, when the doors left unlocked as it is when they have to break into a vehicle. Because they have to handle more of the property, as when they go and just pull a door and it's open and they really don't touch very much but what they take," added Lt. Contreras.

And members of Lamesa Police Department are warning residents not to leave a lot of valuables in your car. That's because if for some reason someone did manage to get into your car, they could find all sorts of valuable things like CDS, or an ipod, or in some cases, even a wallet.

But Police said they are offering a substantial reward for anyone with information that can help. In the meantime, residents are urged to pay attention if they spot any suspicious people in their neighborhood.

"It's a battle that looks like right now we're not winning, but we'd like to you know ask the citizens of Lamesa or the surrounding areas that if they hear anything to please call and let us know and help us out," said Lt. Contreras.