Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Nicki Minaj ticket holders were crying foul on Tuesday after those that received post-dated checks that could be cashed that day, claimed they were bouncing.

They told NewsWest 9 that bank tellers informed them there was no money in the account for their refunds.

Others said they received no refund whatsoever because the Clarion Hotel claimed they had run out of money.

One of those was 15-year-old Kaitlin Wood of Odessa, who let us follow her family into the Clarion on Tuesday.

They said Clarion Manager Medric Sydnor had promised them they would get their money Tuesday, even giving them his cell phone number.

But he was nowhere to be found and NewsWest 9 asked where he was.

The lobby attendant said he usually leaves around three in the afternoon, but when NewsWest 9 visited the Clarion on Monday after five, Sydnor was there but would give no statement.

"I was pretty much just devastated," Wood said. "Friday we go to get our money back, they don't have it. They write us a little notice, and then yesterday we came back, they still don't have it. They promised yesterday that they would have it and it's not here."

Both Kaitlin and her friend said they bought two tickets, leaving both their families out $150.

So they filed a complaint with the Midland Police, saying this entire ordeal was not only costing them their ticket money, but costing them and other West Texans even more money traveling back and forth, day after day, only to be turned away.

"Hopefully they'll scare them," Wood said. "And this news report will scare them bad enough that they'll figure out a way to get us our money."

NewsWest 9 spoke with Midland Police Officer Anthony Corson, who said he would file the complaint report and deliver it to a Sergeant who will then give it to a Detective in the white Collar Division.