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Abbott addresses border community concerns

Governor Abbott met with sheriffs from border counties to address the influx of migrants.

TEXAS, USA — Border security continues to be at the top of Governor Abbott's agenda. Abbott met with sheriffs from the border counties in Austin to discuss border security.

"One thing I’ve heard consistently today is that each of these counties are dealing with a record number of people who are coming across the border and what was categorized as an unprecedented magnitude of people coming across. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen," Abbott said.

The governor brought up several points on what the state should do next.

"One thing that we've talked about is identifying more jail cells for those who are migrants trying to cross the border illegally who are arrested, and we're working on strategies here today but also we're continuing to work on strategies with the state legislature to make sure that we have the funding that is needed to provide jail cells for everybody who is arrested," Abbott said.

Still, lack of manpower is what's hurting the border counties.

"Another thing that I’ve heard consistently from everybody at the table is at the local level they need more manpower in dealing with these people coming across the border including especially dealing with gang members," Abbott said.

While this may be a border crisis, the issue is not limited to the counties along the border.

"A lot of people think that this is a border related issue and it is a border related issue. However, this is also an issue that affects counties across the entire state of Texas and really goes far beyond that," Abbott said.

One of the biggest issues brought up? The border wall. Many wondered whether we have the mileage to build a wall.

"We have more mileage available to us to build a border wall than what has already been built in the state of Texas by the Trump administration," Abbott said.

Now all of this doesn't come without a cost. During the 87th legislative session, Abbott asked for funds from Congress for border security resources and he plans to do so again during the special session.