State of Texas Says Bible Class Can't Be Taught Straight from the Bible
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Controversy at the Big Spring High School over an elective bible class. The state says the teacher can't teach straight from the bible.  Students will have to use a textbook instead. That's fired up a local group whose been paying for the class.

"Some people say we have been partnering with the school district for a very long time, possibly over 50 years," Walter Shipman, President of the Howard County Bible Inc., said.

This group's sole purpose is to pay for the Big Spring ISD High School elective Bible class.

"We provide this Bible class at no cost. Taxpayers pay no money at all," Shipman said.

The also pays for the bible class teachers salary and supply materials.

"We were told that we could no longer participate in that. They were not going to use the Bible as the text and that they weren't going to allow us to pay the teacher," Shipman said.

According to the district, the reason behind this is because they did not have a standard curriculum for the class.

"There was not a set curriculum. We had to take the necessary steps and be in compliance with the state," Big Spring ISD Superintendent, Steven Saldivar, said.

So as of Thursday, the board approved the new curriculum and the class will now be funded by the state and not by the Howard County Bible Class Inc.

"Were disappointed the bible was being used as primary text and now they have a textbook. We feel it's watered down," Shipman said.