MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Senate Bill 295 is looking to set higher standards for the shelter and restraint of Texas dogs.

Officials involved in the bill’s draft like Laura Donahue of the Texas Humane Legislative Network say the bill updates current legislation while adding several new key regulations.

Here’s a look at those new regulations:

  • Dog owners will no longer be allowed to tether dogs with metal chains.
  • Dogs that permanently live outside and are tethered will require adequate and accessible shelter.
  • Law enforcement agencies will no longer have a 24 hour wait period to act on any infractions.

S.B. 295 was passed unanimously through the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations on March 11.

During the presentation which was made by the Texas Animal Control Commission, one officer showed a chain that had been confiscated after being latched to a 40 pound dog.

Senate Bill looks to establish basic standards for shelter and restraint of Texas Dogs

S.B 295 will now head to the Senate’s uncontested calendar, and if it goes unopposed, the bill will then land in the House of Representatives.

From there the bill would just need to be signed by Governor Greg Abbott to become law.